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Right up to the the minute, our front cover this month is from Chicago the film, reviewed in this issue. Charles Hedges has been dashing across the channel again to bring us the latest from the Paris Opera Ballet, and has still found time to see eight shows in the contemporary dance season Resolution! More will be reviewed in April issue.

Kathrine Sorley Walker pays tribute to Rudolf Nureyev ten years after his death. Robert Harrold has interviewed two Ladies Who Tap, Lorraine Le Blanc and Michele Aslanoff, and Paula writes about the world Latin American champions Bryan Watson and Carmen. We have a dynamic full page picture of that couple, and another of Alina Cojocaru, named best female dancer of 2002 in the Critics’ Circle Awards, and one of Ian Ferguson who won the Adeline Genee Gold Medal in Sydney.

Sue Wigglesworth continues her valuable series of makeup tips, Slap Happy, and in a new series Sophie’s Soap Box, Sophie Roper explains the role of the National Dance Agencies.

All our usual features are there including Nutrition for Dancers, Community Roundup, News and Reviews, Dance Diary, and our monthly Gaynor Minden Competition.

Carry on dancing!

Jean & Ken Rush